WEE SCHOOL serves children from 6 weeks of age through school-age children age 12. Our objectives are to work together as a preschool family including administration, staff and parents to provide the best environment for each child. We believe children learn best by “doing” and many skills and concepts can be taught through play and hands-on experiences. The children will participate in age-appropriate activities in a safe and happy environment.

Our intent is to nurture our children in all aspects of development such as:
Cognitive Development: learning of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week, months of the year, thinking skills, matching, sorting, etc.

Physical Development: running, jumping, gross motor play, games and proper hygiene, health habits, etc.

Social and Emotional Development: free expression through art, music and dramatic play, emphasis on teaching manners and appropriate skills in learning to interact with others. The classroom environment will be a combination of free choice and teacher directed activities with learning occurring in a way that is hands on and fun. Our experienced staff understands that development occurs at different stages and ages for each child.

Discipline: Attached to the application and medical form is our discipline policy. In summary, the policy states that physical/corporal punishment is never used. We use redirection and, only if necessary, we use time out by removing the child from the situation for one minute per year of age. In general we believe that children who are challenged, given responsibility and kept busy by an enthusiastic teacher have fewer discipline problems.

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