Arrival and Departure

All children must be escorted into the building by a parent, guardian or adult.  You must enter the classroom with your child and wash the child’s hands. Make sure you speak to the teacher so that they know your child has come in.

During pickup and delivery parents/guardians must take responsibility for their children. This includes parking lot safety, walking in the hallway and children staying with you at all times.

Children must be picked up by a parent or authorized adult. Unless there is a specific custody arrangement, both parents will be allowed to pick up the child as well as any other parties listed on the application. In situations where there is a custody arrangement, we must have a court order or legal documentation on file to enforce a custody arrangement.

Giving authorization to pick up your child should only be done after much thought.  The authorization may not be day by day or approved today and not next week.  To keep your child safe we must insist on consistent pickup arrangements.

ANYONE coming to pick up a child that is unfamiliar to our staff will be asked for identification.  If the individual is not listed on the application as an authorized pickup person, they will not be allowed to do so.  If someone different from the names on your list will be picking your child up, you must give us prior notification.

For your child’s safety do not share or give out your door entry code.

Pickup and drop off are important times to exchange information about the daily activities of children, therefore we ask that parents not be on or use their cell phones during these times.

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