Meals and Snacks

We serve a nutritious breakfast, a home cooked lunch and an afternoon snack daily. Weekly menus are posted in our lobbies, on our website and on our facebook page.  Our menus follow the balanced guidelines from the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).  We pride ourselves on serving real food to our children, no prepackaged microwave dishes.  All of our food is prepared daily by our cooks in our on site kitchens.  Children must be served what is scheduled on our menu unless they are diagnosed with an allergy.

Allergies Children with allergies that need a food or beverage alternate must have a “Requiring Meal Modifications” from the CACFP form completed by a doctor.

Food Allergy: If your child has food allergies we will try to work around these by substituting another food from our kitchen.

Milk Allergy: If your child is allergic to milk, Milk substitutes must be of the same nutritional value as milk.  Juice, fruit flavored drinks, Gatorade, etc. may not be used as a milk substitute.  If our funding allows, we will provide a milk substitute for children with a milk allergy.  If not, parents must provide the substitute.

Breakfast: Children who arrive before breakfast may bring in a nutritious breakfast that they can eat independently. Children must have already eaten breakfast if they arrive after their class has finished breakfast.

Infants and Breakfast:  Early morning drop off can be busy in the infant rooms and our babies need to be nurtured, hugged and made to feel at home.  In an effort to give each child individual attention, we ask that the babies are fed prior to being dropped off.  By doing this, it frees up time for the Nursery Caregivers to hold each baby as they arrive.

Food from home  please do not bring your child in with carbonated drinks, tea, sugary artificial fruit drinks, chocolate drinks, doughnuts, cookies, candy, chips, chocolate covered pop-tarts (fruit flavored are ok), chocolate covered granola bar, etc.  Examples of items that you can bring in with your child that are acceptable are toast, fruit, muffins, cereal, biscuits, pancakes, fruit cereal bars, fruit flavored pop-tarts, milk, juice, etc. Please note that no can drinks or to-go cups are allowed in our center.

Lunch: Starting in our Sophomore Preschool classrooms the children serve themselves lunch family style.   Our home cooked lunch include meats, vegetables, fruits, breads or grain products and milk.

Afternoon Snack: A nutritious afternoon snack is served after naptime.

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