Medicine Policy

Prescription Medication:  We avoid giving medicine at the center.  PLEASE ASK THE DOCTOR TO PRESCRIBE A MEDICINE WITH ONCE OR TWICE A DAY DOSAGE SO IT CAN BE GIVEN AT HOME.  If this is not possible, then you will need to fill out a medicine form at the office and the medicine will be given at lunchtime.

Over-the-Counter Medication:  We can give age appropriate over-the-counter medicine once a day at lunchtime with a doctor’s referral.  We will give age appropriate over the counter medicine more often in our Nurseries depending on the doctor’s instructions.  Please label the medicine bottle with your child’s name.

Tylenol and other forms of pain relievers may disguise symptoms of contagious illnesses.  Because of this it can only be given with a doctor’s verification for low grade fevers associated with teething, within 24 hours of immunizations, or other non-contagious conditions.

All medications must be in its original container with the original label on the bottle.  A new form must be filled out each week if the medicine is to be continued.

Monthly medicine forms are available for long-term medicines like asthma, hyperactivity, reflux, etc.

WEE SCHOOL has a blanket permission form for children who are diapered and need diaper creams or powders administered.

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