Parental Involvement and Feedback

We encourage parents to become involved with the activities at the preschool.  Our OPEN ADMISSION POLICY means you are welcome to visit our center anytime.  Volunteers are welcome, especially on field trips and holiday parties.  There are various events during the year such as our Christmas Program, Pre-K Graduation, Halloween Festivities, birthday parties, etc.  We believe the more involved you are the more you will appreciate your child’s development and our educational programs.

Friend us on Facebook:  You are invited to join us on our private facebook page.  On this private page we put relevant information and pictures of children enrolled in our preschools.  Our public facebook page is for prospective families, previous families, and our vendors.  It is open to everyone and we never place pictures of our children on this public page without specific permission.

Birthday and Holiday Parties:  Most parents are likely to participate in their child’s class during their child’s birthday and holiday celebrations.  The Health Department requires that all food and drink products be prepared in a commercial kitchen.  So unfortunately that means no homemade goodies are allowed to be brought from home.  If there is a special item you or one of your family members would like to share with the children you can schedule a time to use our kitchen and prepare these homemade items in our on site commercial kitchen.

Feedback: Is an essential part of a successful preschool program.  There are several ways for parents to keep us informed about the care of your child.  The first way is to talk to the teacher.  The second option is to talk directly to the director and if needed, we may have a parent/teacher conference.  Remember that we always have an open door policy and urge you to keep us informed.  If an issue arises where a parent is unhappy about an issue at our preschool please give us an opportunity to work on the situation before speak derogatorily or posting negative comments on social media about our program or staff.  We are providing you a copy of the summary of the NC Childcare Law and Rules.  If you would like additional information about preschool rules and laws you may contact the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.

In the childcare field we are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect.  If a situation arises that we interpret as possible child abuse or neglect, we contact the local Department of Social Services who will decide on what steps need to be taken.

Children’s Classroom Assignments:  Foremost we acknowledge that all children learn differently.  By design our classrooms are based on children’s development and not their chronological age. By philosophy our classrooms are not signified as a “1 year old room”, “2 year old room etc.  Our classrooms are designed and our teachers are trained to meet the needs of each individual child, although, the groups of children in each classroom are close in age.  We do not rely on a child’s chronological age in our decisions for classroom placement and advancement.  Sometimes younger children will advance quicker than their peers and will move to the next classroom first.

Graduation:  Children must be enrolled until graduation in order to participate in our graduation program.  If the student is not enrolled until graduation they will receive a diploma after our formal graduation ceremony.  Graduation is typically held in mid-August.

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