Tuition Payment Policies

Registration Fee: $50.00 children 12mos. to school age
(Non-refundable one time fee)
$100.00 newborns/nursery
Supply Fee: due September 15th annually
$20.00 (one child)
$35.00 (two children)
$45.00 (three children)

Tuition may be paid weekly, biweekly or monthly, as long as it is received in advance.

Weekly: Tuition payments made on Monday or Tuesday receive a $15.00 discount.

The full Tuition rate must be paid by closing on Friday in order for your child to receive care on Monday.

Biweekly:  Tuition is due in advance.

Monthly: You receive a 5% discount when tuition is paid by the 4th of the month.  We calculate the

monthly rate by multiplying the weekly rate by 52 and dividing by 12 months then we deduct a 5% discount.

If your tuition becomes behind, or your child’s check–in code is disabled three times for non-payment, your child will dis-enrolled from our preschool.

Multiple Child Discount:  Families with 2 children receive a 7% discount, 3 or more children receive more of a discount.  Please ask to get tuition calculated.

Year Round Tuition: Once your child is enrolled tuition must be paid year round, including summers, vacations, holidays and sick days (we make special arrangements for summers of school teacher’s children who are above 12 months of age).

Returned Check Fee: $35.00 will be charged for each returned check.  Two or more returned checks will result in us requiring cash payments or money orders only.

Payments should be dropped in the TUITION slot at the office.  For cash, please fill out an envelope with your child’s name and amount you are paying.  Receipts for cash will be written periodically during the week and maybe picked up from the file box at the office.  Tax statements are printed annually and only if the account is paid in full.

Purchase of extended care hours:   $4.00 per hour for children who are in our care for over ten hours in any day.

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