We encourage both parents and children to tour our preschool before enrollment.  We also offer complimentary care prior to enrollment to enable your child’s adjustment period to be as smooth as possible.   We give each child ample time to adjust to their new environment.  If we feel your child is not adjusting appropriately or has a demeanor that does not work with our atmosphere we may ask that you find alternative care.

On the first day of enrollment, your child must have a signed application, discipline policy, and the parent enrollment agreement.  There is also a food program application that needs to be completed within the first few days of your child’s enrollment.  The medical form and immunization record must be returned within two weeks from enrollment.

Once your child is enrolled we have an OPEN ADMISSION POLICY and you are welcome to visit our center anytime however we do not allow children to be dropped off between the hours of 11-2.  These hours include lunch and naptime.  It often causes a disruption in the room and makes it very difficult for a child to adjust to coming in midday.  However, you are allowed to pick up your child or visit during this time.

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