Please label all items you bring into the center with your child’s name.

For infants, you will need to bring non-glass bottles already prepared and labeled with child’s name and date.  Also, baby food (until they are at least 12 months and eating table food), diapers, wipes, blankets, bibs, several changes of clothes and items for the crib such as mobiles or activity toys.

For toddlers or children that are not yet potty trained, you will need to bring diapers, wipes, one small blanket and a change of clothes appropriate for the season including socks and a small brush or comb.  If your child’s diapers or wipes run out, we will stock your child’s cubby and bill you for the supplies.

Due to Health Department storage regulations, pillows and blankets when folded must be no more than 1 inch thick so that they do not touch the cot above when stacked.

Children two-years and up, (or potty trained) need to have a change of clothes appropriate for the season.

If your child does not have a change of clothes we will loan you a set from our clothes closet for a fee of $5.00.  When you return the clean clothes to the office, the charge will be credited back to your account.

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